Sample Freehold Appraisal

Sample Freehold Appraisal

Client Comments

Michael...Thank you very much for your effort on this and importantly for the attention to detail and comprehensiveness of these reports. It is the best outlined appraisal format I have ever seen.  -W.T.

Excellent - thank you Michael. Very good analysis and in-line with my expectations. I appreciate your help with this. Now the race begins with a few interested parties.! I can give you an update once it’s all said and done if it helps establish another market point for you down the road. Thanks again,-AP

I was extremely happy with Michael's work. The appraisal he did for my property was well-researched and thorough, It is wonderful to deal with someone who is this professional. -A.G

Hi Michael, FYI we just completed the sale our apartment yesterday. As you know it was a private sale and net of all fees ,we ended up with your appraised amount. Thanks again for your on. P and D

Thank you very much Michael. You have been very helpful. Your report will provide us the guidance we need and reduce a lot of stress and confusion. -H.B.

Thanks Michael. Appreciate the great communication! -DC

Hi Michael, Thank you so much for your detailed report! It has been a pleasure. I will definitely contact you in the future should I ever need an appraiser and happily refer you to my friends and family.Take good care,- AM

Michael,  Thank you very much.   Content rich, presentation impressive, conclusion clear. -VT

 Thanks very much, Michael. That's excellent, and should mean that I can answer with confidence whatever questions the IRS might raise. I appreciate your help.-S. R.

Thank you very much, Michael, for the appraisal. Your prompt service is appreciated.-S.L.

Hi Michael, Thank you so much for your timely and detailed report/appraisal.-OV 

Dear Michael: I just wanted to let you know I've received the printed copy of your appraisal of my house. Thank you for it. Thank you also for your professionalism during this process.  You made it easier than I feared it would be. Wishing you well personally and professionally ,I remain, Sincerely, -N.B

 Michael Thank you for the appraisal. Very complete and informative. Regards,-BM

Michael!!! Thank you — You’ve given us a lot to think about — we had not been looking at the overall land value, rather the value/contribution of the frontage needed to be able to build along side me — so definitely grist for the mill. — I am grateful Alice suggested you and that you responded so quickly. I hope our paths will cross in the future. CT

Thank you, Michael for this thorough report.-M.B.

I contacted Michael Kavluk for a quote. He got back to me promptly and although I decided not to do the appraisal I found his price to be fair but more importantly he spent time (initial call and then called me back) providing me with valuable information related to appraisals. He provided information knowing I would not be doing appraisal - fair and honest. -RC

Thanks for the prompt attention to this matter. You are very reliable and that is why you get all of my referrals!-BFL, Toronto Family Law Lawyer

Hi Michael, 

I just wanted to thank you again for your appraisal. I was able to put an offer in on a home, and with your appraisal document in hand the bank allowed me to proceed. An appraiser from the bank came to verify the unit, looked at your appraisal report and was impressed at how thorough it was. Your excellent service allowed me to expedite an accepted offer on my dream home.The past few weeks have been emotional, exciting, and gone by so quickly! Thank you again. -S. P.

Thank you. Your service has been excellent.    -D.V.